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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Nanase Nishino: Few more recent tidbits....


     Hmmmm, guess if you're wholesome you consume a lot of milk(!) but perhaps she favors that hopefully much stronger second drink!!!! This hasn't happened in a while which is two posts for Nanase in a four day stretch so of course that means this won't be a massive one but do have over forty new pics. But wanted to do this post today as I have a feeling we may not hear as much from Nanase over the Summer and hope that feeling is wrong. She has a drama that's just finishing up plus had a film come out yesterday so wouldn't be surprised if she kicks back for a while. Nanase is always busy but not at the level she once was but that happens so often with my faves who are nearing thirty in age.

 Nanase has the lead female role in the movie "Koi wa Hikari" that was released yesterday, the premiere was held today and have some pics from that further down. She's been doing the rounds to promote the film, these are interview pics from the Hominis site and the link to it: Hominis interview

 One more batch of recent interview pics for the movie which are from the Model Press site, here's the link to their site too: Model Press interview

 Once again no new mag spreads for Nanase and they've really slowed down this year, especially since she 'retired' from being a model for Non-no. But do have a golden oldie which many may have not seen or forgot about from the April 20, 2020 issue of WPB.

 As mentioned Nanase has the lead female role in the film "Koi wa Hikari", it's a love story but looks to be a bit quirky and perhaps better than most in that genre. The film was released yesterday but the premiere wasn't held until today at the TOHO Cinemas in Roppongi Hills. Few pics from the event, Fumika also has a large role in the movie and she's been way, way too quiet this year.

 Will end off with this small batch which are some semi older pics but had never been posted before from the Platinum Woman jewelry site, we need Nanase to do more modeling and there's a video from them after the pics.

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