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Friday, June 24, 2022

Nene Shida: You may go... π’ˆπ’‚π’ˆπ’‚(!) over her 'GaGa digital photobook' scans....


 Did say in the below post there's been too many lately for photobooks and would try to space them out but will always make an exception for Nene!!!! As far as posts go they're often streaky, one week 80% of them are for books, the next week for J-Pop Idols and then the following week could be dominated by actresses and dramas. Bit of a mini post but didn't want to see this get dated, am now caught up with all of her books prior to June. This is Nene's 14th post in seven months or since the 'Nao Year' began on December 1st. That's a pace of 24 posts for the year and the record is 26 which was set in 2020 by Marie who also had 25 last year, can either one of those be topped?!

 That pic right above is an outtake one from Nene's first regular photobook that will be released on July 15th, sure there will be more spreads coming up to promote it. She also had another digital book that came out Monday which I have but let me wait a week before posting it, where does she find the time? Comic GaGa is a new magazine that began in March and Nene was their first cover girl. They saved many pics from the photo shoot, 48 in all, for this book which came out on May 6th.

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