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Monday, June 20, 2022

Nene Shida: Asks why isn't she mentioned as being this year's number one?!


 A 'Nao Year' runs from December 1st until November 30th, though June is the sixth month of a regular year it's my seventh month. December is often the slowest month of the year for activities so that's always been the best time to have the fave's list along with the lists for the most popular posts, women, etc. What's been such a rarity is someone having twenty or more posts in that stretch of time. It's only been done four times, three by one mega fave and you should know who I'm referring to. This is Nene's 13th post of the year which is an average of about 1.85 a month or 22 for the year. So she's on pace to become just the third person ever to hit that twenty post milestone and can she do it? My answer would be yes as I have enough things for another post next week and there should be two in July so that would make sixteen. The record for posts in a year is 26 and don't think Nene will hit that but just making twenty will be quite the achievement. 

 In the post below this one was talking about how there's been no clear cut #1 fave so far this year so it's a wide open field for the first time in many, many years. Which means the heading to the post is right on the money as why shouldn't Nene be in mentioned as being this year's number one? If she keeps this pace up then I can't see who would top her, few others have had some nice streaks this year but most eventually fade away. Only twice has a gravure model made the top ten so what a shock that would be to see one end up being my number one of the year... then  again when you view her pics....

 Nene has had about seven digital books and have one to end the post off with. But she's never had a regular photobook up until now but that'll be changing for on July 15th, which is her 24th birthday, her first book will be released. The following day there will be an event for it so expect a post around then and also would think there would be many mag spreads to promote it. Have some advance pics for it, five were in a previous post but the other five are brand new.

 Few new pics from Nene's IG page but she's really been slowing down on them lately.

 Nene had a new digital book released today so you'll be seeing that soon. The WPB magazine published it and this spread from their July 4th issue features outtake pics from it. In March Nene graduated from Seijo University and has had about five spreads since then. But this was her first photo shoot after her graduation but the magazine held on to it until now and probably because it was a tie in with the new book. 

 Have another digital book that came out last month, that should be in her next post. So will wrap things up with yet one more book and think this set should complete all of Nene's from 2021. It was released on May 1, 2021 by Young Magazine and is a bit smallish with just 35 pics.

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