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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Miru Shiroma: A semi 'blast from the past' post....


 Called it a 'semi blast from the past' post as her last post was in March which wasn't that long ago. But kind of wondered whether there would ever be any more for Miru after that last one and as you can see my wish came true. With any luck we may have another next month.... bit hard to type with that above pic staring you right in the face!!!! What I haven't done for ages is an NMB post, just because my top members left doesn't mean I'm no longer a fan. There still are plenty of older members that I do like so let me work on some group posts for them which I'll try to have by the end of the month.

 In a post yesterday was discussing the 'Top Twenty Faves of All Time' list and was saying that list will only include the best of the best. For some reason had never considered Miru for the list and why would that be? She could be my second fave Idol from the past five years and no one has topped her mag spreads from 2015-21 plus is there any woman hotter than she is? The answer to that could be NO(!) so the more I think about why wouldn't she be a part of my top twenty of all time and have convinced myself she will be on the list.

 There's a massive fave right above and what's happened with her over the last year? So have a little bit of many things for today but for now it appears Miru may have 'retired' from gravure modeling, hope not but she has given us so many breathtaking pics since 2015. She was kind of quiet after her NMB graduation, she did open a YT channel and has a part time radio show but there wasn't much more than that for a long time. But on July 6th Miru will release her first solo single which is titled "Shine Bright" and hope she does a few shows to promote it. So because of the single we may see her in a few mags and such, there will be a 54 page photobook with deluxe editions but no gravure pics. The release date is only five weeks away but there's been no video of it yet. So instead will have the link to her YT channel which has a huge amount of videos: Mirurun channel

 Never have discussed her graduation concert all that much, her final NMB show was at their theater on August 31st. But I consider Miru's true graduation concert to have been on August 15th and that show was held at the Osaka Castle Hall, it was supposed to take place in May but like so many other things it had to be delayed. Do have the concert and have to say it's one of the top graduations I've seen as the focus was more on the songs though a few older graduates made an appearance towards the end. So will be including some screenshots from the concert in future posts and it's a long one at 170 minutes, these here go to the 26 minute mark when she makes her first costume change.

 So while Miru has been slightly quiet over the last eight months she has done enough so she's not forgotten about. As mentioned she does have a YT channel and has posted many videos there plus no ex-Idol has as many Instagram pics as her, these are from the last few weeks.

 Hopefully we'll be seeing a bit more modeling in the future and have one new mag spread for today that's from the June issue of Ray with the bottom two pics being from the photo shoot.

 Not much variety in this set of pics which is from the Sixty Percent site and that's a web magazine. There's also a mini Miru interview there from May 30th, here's the link: Sixty Percent

 We've hit the end and it may not seem so but there were 64 never before seen pics! Wish there were more from this final set which is from the May 29th Spring/Summer 'Sapporo Collection' show. Don't know if Miru was promoting any kind of clothing line as I don't think she's a model for anyone at this time, really wish she would become a model for Peach John!!!! After the pics is a short video of her stroll and these days the models walks have become way too short.

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