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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Marie Iitoyo: Has vowed to take down all of her numerous rivals!!!!


 Can see why she's worried as others are hot on her tail, that's what happens when you set such standards of excellence as Marie has over the years! The gal in the next post is just off the pace of Marie's record for 26 posts in a year which I never thought would be touched and would I let it happen? And then the post after that is for the fave who may have passed her for being my #1 of all time and that's the more important of the two battles. Marie has been my number one for a few years now but she's slipped slightly this year and never had a huge edge to begin with, that is going to be one interesting skirmish to see who comes out on top!

 While for most others this could be considered a good year to date but not for Marie to an extent as she's set the level of perfection here for a few years. That 'All Time Top Twenty Faves' list will begin in  less than two months but have time to work on that top five as those positions wouldn't come up until the last two weeks of September. So as of now I could flip a coin between my top two and not lose either way, not rooting for one way or another but in a way would like to see Marie hold on to her #1 spot but she needs to become a bit busier or have more 'alluring' posts. That word may not be entirely accurate as the new pics for today are all supreme however....

 The major thing that's affected Marie's posts this year is the amount of dramas she's been in, four so far with another one coming up. On one hand that's a positive as she's been very busy and we do get to see a lot of her on the screen though 'Kimi to Sekai' was never subbed. But on the other hand it means much less time for mag spreads, modeling pics, events and other things so it's a bit of a tradeoff. That same 'problem' has also affected this huge fave this year.

 This is the first regular post for Marie in six weeks but did recap the second season of "Hiru" last month. She wasn't in the first season which was just so-so but ended up strongly. Her character of Hako was very important to the second season and what I like about her as an actress is the variety of roles she takes, very seldom has she ever been in one of those inane rom-com shows.

 "Octo: Kanjou Sousakan Shinno Akari" is the title of her next series which will begin on July 8th. The news about this show just came out two days ago so don't know too much about it yet but will have more info in future posts and of course will recap the drama if it's subbed. It'll be her first time playing a detective and the story looks to be quite an interesting one.

 Marie has been a long time model for Uniqlo and her best post of the year was back in April for their Spring collection. She has four new videos out for them and have one of them for today which is of her running up the Tokyo Tower! It was kind of enjoyable and at their site they said many new pics of her would be coming out later this month... how about that top pic(!): Uniqlo video

 Hmmmm, did moan a bit about how appearing in dramas means Marie doesn't have time to do a lot of modeling sessions but guess I was wrong with that thought. Think the main reason is that I can never get tired of her pics even if there were to be thousands of new ones, speaking of new pics these are some from the More site

 However there's still been such a shortage of magazine spreads this year and have zero for today. New ones that is as there's plenty of superb ones from the past that deserve encore viewings such as this set from the July 26, 2021 issue of Big Comic Spirits.

 Will end off with one more batch of new modeling pics which are from the Oggi site and these are all of her May pics, to me the ones from this site are tough to top. After the pics check out a promo video for the 'Real Folder' documentary series which is now in it's second season. They have features on actors and actresses, Marie's segment aired on May 25th but it's only available at the Paravi site. You need to be a member of this Japanese site so may have to break down and join it as it does look interesting.

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