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Friday, October 15, 2021

Keyakizaka46(Sakura): The highly anticipated(?) third.... Hono Tamura post! Plus an early 'Happy 23rd Birthday'....


 Last week did the first Keya group post since March and said there would probably be another this week. However forgot all about that but will work on one which you'll be seeing very soon. Was already planning on doing this post but hadn't realized Hono's 23rd birthday was coming up, it takes place on the 21st so am a tad early. Got confused with birthdays as for some reason thought my second fave Keya member had her b-day on the 21st but it's actually two days later. Was gong to have a post for that occasion this Sunday and think it'll still happen even though I'll be six days early.

 A many hours later add on.... still think she looks so much like Maimi Yajima, she could be her younger sister and that's a high compliment!

 Those above four pics are from Hono's first photobook and they had never been posted before, more pics from the PB later on in the post. Hono is the center for Keya's(Sakura) third single "Nagaredama" aka Stray Bullet and glad they finally have an older member as the center. The single was released three days ago, sales so far stand at 350,000 copies sold. So it'll sell a bit less than the first two singles since the name change, not a big decrease in sales but seems while Keya has kept a solid fan base they haven't been able to increase it.

 This is the third Hono solo post, all have been in three months but with the photobook thought there would have been at least two more posts. For some reason there hasn't been as many activities as I was expecting but then again have about 65 new pics for today. Could have made this larger but why use up all of her new pics as I don't want post #4 to be too far into the future. A modeling company has finally signed Hono to be a model for them and what took so long? It's the CanCam magazine but don't have any pics for them yet, hopefully in that next post. First mini batch of pics are cards from the 'W-Keyaki Fes' that took place from July 10th to the 12th which were concerts featuring Keya and Hina.

 Some new Hono promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game, their pics are always superb and it's Keya's second anniversary of the game which also features Hina members. I think these promo cards are fabulous and what I need to do is compile them all for a few posts, sure a slow stretch will happen so will do it then.

 One new mag spread for today as Hono graces the cover for the October 27th issue of Weekly Shonen, Hono's last spread also had her as the cover girl for the magazine.

 Hono's first photobook "Ippe me" aka First Step was released on August 17th. It's been a decent seller with over 75,000 copies sold which should make it one of the top sellers for 2021. Have ten sparkling pics here from the PB which weren't in either of her first two posts, after them are a few you've already seen but deserve an encore viewing.

 Will be ending off with a 32 pic pictorial from the 'Sakamich Next Generation' series that was put out by Young Magazine. The pictorials came out between June and August featuring the newer members from the three '46' groups. Hard to call Hono or the other second generation members of Keya new as they joined the group close to three years ago. After the pics is a video of Keya performing the new single on last night's 'Music Station' show. It's a shorter version but in a way better than the PV which moves too quickly and it's hard to focus on any members. Personally like this new song better than their first two singles and hope the video stays up for a while.

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