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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Ruka Matsuda: Happy 26th Birthday plus "Poppy Pipopapo" photobook scans....


 This is the first of two birthday posts to end the month off with, the other will be tomorrow and both posts will be done on the actual birthday. Bet many are wondering' Who is she?' though long time viewers know who Ruka is. She's never had many posts but they have been so, so popular and was shocked at how many views they've received. Not just one post but all have been popular so what a shame there haven't been more posts. Nothing I can really do about that as Ruka has kind of stayed out of the spotlight in the last year, from 2015 to early 2020 she was one busy actress.

 There's some gravure pics here at the top but Ruka has never done many of those spreads though she does have a photobook that came out in 2019. I've seen her in four dramas but she's only been in one this year, also have seen her in a pair of films and she will be in two next year. So 2021 has been a very quiet year for Ruka but she was in a September stage play. So most everything will be from her prior posts but the PB at the bottom has never been posted plus have a few other tidbits. This is a true definition of a 'quickie post' as I didn't realize it was her birthday until a few hours ago. Have had the PB for a while but forgot all about it, in a way it's a good thing I did.

 That link above is to Ruka's WPB-Net #349 post, so isn't that above pic and do recommend checking it out. She's not bodacious compared to gravure models but I think she looks terrific, so don't many viewers for as mentioned her posts have been extremely popular. Very few IG pics from this year and actually forever as she's not much of a social media person but once had a blog.

 First drama I saw Ruka in was season one of "Kakegurui", she was also in the second season but the first was so much better. Her character's name was Itsuki who was the daughter of an extremely wealthy man and she was one of the highlights of the show. Have viewed the first "Kakegurui" film but not the second, once I do will be reviewing both movies.

 Another drama I saw that starred Ruka was "Dakara Watashi wa Oshimashita" from 2019. Recapped the entire series and I highly recommend that drama.

 As mentioned Ruka has never done too much gravure modeling but she did have a few superb spreads from 2017-19, there's really been zero spreads or events this past year. So let's go back in time for two spreads, both are from Young Jump and this is from their April 13, 2017 issue.

 Ruka's other Young Jump spread is from their September 7, 2017 edition. She had only two other gravure spreads which were promoting her 2019 photobook.

 Ruka was in the "Kamen Rider EX-Aid" sentai series that aired from October 2, 2016 until August 27, 2017 plus there were about seven spinoff movies. There's just not enough time to watch everything but now I'm really curious about this show, have seen five other 'Kamen Rider' seasons and all were very enjoyable. Her characters of Asuna Karino and Poppy Pipopapo were very popular, there was a clothing line, watches, posters and whatever else you can think of.

 We've hit the end and now I really want to view this series so you just may seem some posts for it in the future. Mentioned that Ruka's characters were very popular, so much that there was a "Poppy Pipopapo" photobook which was released on December 20, 2017. Perfect weekend for a set of pics like these, hope the PB isn't a disappointment as there's zero gravure pics but I think the pics are oki doki! She does have her own YT channel, here's the link to it: Ruka's YT channel

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