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Monday, October 11, 2021

Nogizaka46: The angelic 'Asuka Saito post' #20....


 Sigh, it's down to seven Nogi members who I post about these days which is a drop from about twenty just a few years ago, three of the current members are from the third generation. So that means just four are left from the first two generations who I post semi often about and there's zero I can do about that. With an impending graduation(November?) there's only eleven gals left from the original 39 meaning almost 70% of Nogi's members 1G/2G members have left in the last seven years. That only averages out to four graduations a year but the number has increased so much the past three years, it'll be slowing down because there won't be anyone left! 

 Asuka is someone I can see still remaining a Nogi member for a while and why not as she could be the group's most popular gal though not at the level a few others have been at. This is a record setting year for Asuka as this is her eighth post in ten months and that ties her with a 3G member for most Nogi posts this year. So while I do like Asuka more than ever it'll be 50/50 whether or not she makes the yearly faves list for the first time. Think I mentioned it in her last post but there's that 'something' which prevents her from becoming a much bigger fave but she may be Nogi's most likable member. Especially among their female fans which is a huge amount and is that why her posts haven't been more popular here?

 What I've been noticing lately is that my faves haven't been doing as many activities yet the posts seem to contain many more pics. That's the case for today as there aren't all that many new happenings yet have about eight new pics, the final batch may be Asuka's best to date. Back in March she 'graduated' from the 'Harry's English Class' radio show after being the host for five years. She has a new TV musical variety show that began on October 7th called "Hamaska" and the first episode was oddly subbed so will be checking that out. Asuka is the co-host of the new show and these days Nogi members seem to hosting more shows than ever.

 On September 4th there was a new exhibit that opened at the Hyokeikan part of the Tokyo National Museum in the Ueno district. The exhibit is called 'Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter/Four Seasons Nogizaka' which combines Nogi pics and such with traditional Japanese art and the exhibit will be going on until November 28th. Few pics here from Asuka attending the exhibit, more details and pics are at the Gendaiismedia site: Gendaiismedia article

 Asuka is a model for about four companies but not many pics in that vein today save for the final batch, these are from the Sweet site.

 Have some brand new promo cards for the 'NogiKoi' app game. You can see that the first pic is for Halloween and will try to have some posts on that day for my (ex)fave Nogi members. Of course the bottom five cards aren't new yet didn't post them last December and wonder how many viewers would like to see her in their stocking?!

 Speaking of games on September 16th Asuka and five other Nogi members attended an event to promote a new one named 'Nogizaka Fractal'. It came out in August and the object is to assemble your perfect Nogi group by using different members, costumes, songs and other Nogi things. It was the first regular event for Nogi this year and hopefully not last, I miss posting about them.

 Last but not least batch of pics which total 31! In the years 2018/19 Asuka appeared on more magazine covers than any Idol and won a pair of awards for that, would presume that she also had the most spreads. But those magazine appearances have really slowed down since mid 2020 and don't have any new ones for today. That's not a bad thing as this final set of pics are brand new for the GRL Autumn collection, that first pic is one of Asuka's top ones ever. All of the pics are quite superb and some of them are from the photo shoot. There's just way too many(!) videos on YT to decide on just one so instead will have the link to Nogi's channel: Nogi's YT channel

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