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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Keyakizaka46: Their December 'Uni's on Air' game pics part two plus other treats....


 Besides those end of the year music shows this tends to be the quietest period for Idol groups though Nogi bucked the trend and just released a new single. So while Keya has been semi quiet the last few weeks this post does have a hundred new pics and should have one more group post right around Christmas. It's okay if the group is taking a bit of a breather as this was their busiest year to date with three singles, two tours and did three shows outside of Japan. Twice in this past week did mention how the solo posts for Keya and Hina members aren't as popular as they once were.... however group posts have been getting so many more view and does that make sense? But there are three members whose posts do draw a high amount of views, two are for Hina. Don't have the stats in front of me but I think by far the most popular Keya member here for 2023 was Rei, all of her posts were very popular. Once the next graduation takes place she just may become my current #1 member, I like her immensely as you viewers do and wish she could have so many more posts.

 In some not so good news a Keya member will be on hiatus for a while. That's Minami and did mention that in the last group post. Earlier this week she made an entry at the Keya 'Diary' blog where she said it would be her last one for a while. Minami said she was suffering from some panic disorders and wants to concentrate on her recovery so fans may not be hearing from her for a while. I've always liked her quite a bit so do hope she gets better soon, my last few predictions have been way off but am confident she'll be back sooner than later, hopefully not just to announce her graduation. Wish there were more gravure pics but she had one terrific and underrated photobook.

 In some better news this week Keya appeared at the 2023 Asian Artist Awards show that was held in the Philippines. They won two awards, one for being the most popular group and the other was the Best Musician Award.... shouldn't that go to a band???? Have always wondered about these award shows and how they determine who is the best or most most popular? Do fans vote which I don't think happens, is it a panel of judges who do the voting or perhaps it's the agencies of the group/band which hold some sway over the voting and think the last is the most logical answer.... will admit I could be wrong.

 As usual no new magazine spreads and why haven't there been any recently for the group? Also no news about any upcoming photobooks and weren't there just two of them in 2023? But still have plenty of super duper pics and here's an ex-member who I try to include often in these posts. Who is Aoi and I can't believe how attractive she's become since graduating almost 1 1/2 years ago. She's been very busy co-hosting two variety shows and has also been the emcee at many events, these fabulous pics are recent ones from her IG page. I did like Aoi when she was with Keya but sadly she didn't stand out that much and didn't get enough attention, she'll be hitting the age of 24 in May.

 None of the third generation members have IG pages yet so post their photos at the group's 'Diary' blog. One new member who I do like very much is the oldest one who is Rika and have some fine looking pics from the group blog, in less than a month she'll be celebrating her 22nd birthday.

 Had promised to do a post this month for the group's oldest member Rina. However will hold off on that for about three weeks as I had forgotten that her next birthday takes place in January 4th so thought it would be better to wait until then.

 Have some sharp cards for Keya's(Sakura) latest single plus some for the third tour and Halloween. First off will soon be the only remaining Yui in the group and hope she's prepared to carry that esteemed torch! She has ten cards but with nineteen is Fukuya who is now the second oldest member in Keya and do have to say she looks mighty fine in her batch of cards.

 Not too many recent pics for the group's newish game 'Saku Koi' but do have some X-mas ones, three for Karin and five for Hikaru, have been trying to have a solo post for her with no success.

 We've reached the end and have the December promo pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game. There's seven members left who each have four pics, will split them into two batches. First off is the last Yui and can she keep the flame going from her esteemed predecessor? She's followed by the oldest second generation member Hono and if you notice the last pic features a fellow member. Third up is Karin and bringing up the rear is Akiho.

 Final set of pics for this post begins off with Ten who is no longer the youngest in Keya thanks to the new arrivals. Kira is second and her 22nd birthday will be happening in less than a month and of course she never smiled on her photos! Last up is Marino and in just three days she'll be hitting the age of 22. Have never done a post for Marino who I've come to really like, won't be able to do a post on her birthday but hopefully by the end of the month. After the pics check out a video from this week's 'Asian Artist Awards' show where they performed "Shonin Yokkyu", a fan filmed it from the audience and I thought it turned out well but watch it quick before it get's deleted.

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  1. Talking about Harada, I had forgotten to mention that she's doing the voice over commentary for the new Sakamichi group's ("BokuAo") variety; in the 1st episode they showed her for a few seconds (the topic was "let's come up with fake scandal pics" and she was shown making a funny face while commenting "We would've never made anything like that in Sakurazaka", LOL)