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Friday, December 15, 2023

Nao's top sixteen Faves for 2023: Position #2, the convivial and glistening Miku Kanemura!


 Previous positions

#8, Risa W .... #7, Iori .... #6, Miku T .... #5, Nene

 Know her photobook had some overly alluring pics which did somewhat surprise me, however as fabulous as those pics were that first one above remains my #1 from her. So while that book was such a nice surprise hope this choice for my #2 fave of the year isn't, really shouldn't be if you've been reading her posts. I introduced Miku earlier than most J-Pop Idols, one reason was because she was dominating the Hina group posts with so many pics. The more key reason was because Miku has always had this unique aura about her and in the beginning did say that within 2-3 years she will be my number one Idol. It hasn't happened yet as #3 on the list is and number four would be second though she did beat out both this year. Now that the list is almost complete will have to say the closest battle was between the second and third positions, almost could have flipped a coin.

**** Here's a quick add on and it's because of an odd feat.... is finishing in the 17th position a sign of good things to happen? The list is for twenty but only do posts for the top sixteen, as of now am torn on who 17th would be. Here's the oddity for that position, in 2020 the fave that finished in that spot ended up in the sixth position the following year. In 2021 the 17th spot woman moved all the way up to fifth last year, in 2022 Miku happened to be the 17th position woman and you can see what a jump she took this year!!!! So being in that spot seems like a good luck charm, does that mean this year's woman will be number one in 2024????

 In the last two position posts did bring up briefly how the solo posts for Hina and Keya members aren't as popular as they once were. Two members from Hina and one from Keya though are well liked by everyone as their posts do get a lot of views. By far Miku has been the most popular of any Hina or Keya member this year as I'm not the only one who has grown so fond of her. Right after Christmas will do more list posts which in a way are who you viewers liked the most this year. One list will be for the most popular posts, Miku will make that as her photobook post has drawn close to 4,000 views. The other list is for who the overall most popular woman was here for 2023, that's based on how many views their posts received. Won't begin compiling the stats for another ten days but for now would say that a Nogi member could be number one this year which did stun me to a slight extent. For a while thought Miku would be in the running to be number one for that category but her posts since September have seen a bit of a decrease in views, my prediction is that she'll be in the third position but possibly second.

 It's not a Halloween post(!) but will have some other holiday pics coming up, that top pic right above still leaves me speechless!!!! Miku had sixteen posts this year and that did shock me, knew it was high total but not that high and she was in fourth place for most 2023 posts. This won't be as large as the previous two posts but still should be a super duper one and there will be at least one coming up next month. On January 13th the first 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show of 2024 will be held, unsure if any Hina members will be there at this time but know at least two Nogi gals will be. Plus there is something ultra terrific happening  eleven days after that which is that the next issue of the magazine/photobook Triangle will be released. There's no set dates for when it comes out, perhaps 2-3 times a year and Nogi members have been featured in the last two issues. But for this upcoming issue three Hina members will be featured and of course you know who the main one is! Which is Miku and here are three advance pics from the magazine/photobook, the book will be coming out on January 24th and not sure if we can wait until then.... that first and bottom pic..... whewwww....

 Miku is only 21 years and three months old but the way she looks and acts is like someone 2-3 years older. By two days(!) she set a record for being the youngest woman to make the top ten. More brand new pics which are from her IG page but not that many for five weeks, I like those first two quite a bit and five are from a photo shoot for the group's 'Mysterious Library' game.

 Speaking of games here are her December and November pics for the 'Uni's on Air' web game, no Christmas theme for this month. May have a Hina group post coming up tomorrow, if not then next week for the second half of their December game pics.

 So while the game didn't have a Christmas theme have plenty of ultra sharp Miku pics for the holiday and she had so many more than these.

 Last batch of new pics is from the Tokyo Calendar site which is a web magazine that focuses on dining out and things like that... hmmmm, need to find out what's in that wineglass Miku is holding...

 We've reached the end and while a good amount of recent things it's been kind of a slow time for her and Hina the last seven weeks. That's a tad shocking as they did have a new album come out and wouldn't you have thought they would have been much busier? Let's end off with some overly tremendous pics of Miku and her first photobook was the fourth best selling one this year. No brand new videos and isn't that the case for 90% of these Hina/Keya solo posts? Miku is a model for the Bis magazine but didn't have any new pics from them for today, however after the pics is a video of her September spread's photo shoot and do highly recommend it! The post for number one will be coming up on Sunday but sure all already know who that will be.

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