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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Kisumi Amau: Her blazing new 'Manga Action' digital book plus more goodies....


 Had mentioned a few times this year how there was a huge decrease in digital books compared to 2022 which had been true. But then had also noticed most of the books from 2022 had come out when the weather was colder such as Winter or early Autumn That has also happened this year as there's been quite an avalanche of them that have been released since mid-October and am slowly getting to them, think I may have about ten more to go!

 Though you rarely see a Kisumi post hit that section for the most viewed ones for the past month she has become quite popular here. I've liked her for quite a ling time but at first her posts weren't getting many views. But kept plugging away and now Kisumi does have a growing fan base here so you will be pleased that she'll have another post soon for a book. Still have never done a group post for her #2i2 J-Pop group but one will be coming up though later than sooner. They are a bit of a fun group and do perform many concerts though will never be a group that will have any hit singles but that doesn't mean they haven't been getting popular.

 Have about 85 new photos today for Kisumi's growing fan base, her face still looks a bit young but she did hit the age of 27 back in August. First off are these recent pics from her IG page, not many gravure ones as it's nice to see her dressed as a civilian now and again.

 That above one features her with the other #2i2 members. Kisumi loves to cosplay and have had many of those photos in her other posts, of course Christmas is a favorite time of the year for her and some older pics for the holiday though the third one is brand new.

 Have one new magazine spread for today which is this set from the December 5th issue of Manga Action. Kisumi is the cover girl and will also have that honor for another magazine coming out next week. That upcoming spread will be promoting her other new digital book so will wait until that spread comes out before posting the book.

 Now on to Kisumi's sizzling new digital book that was released by the Manga Action magazine on November 30th, the above spread was promoting it. Shame there's no video from the photo shoot and though Kisumi has appeared in so many magazines the last three years she has so few videos from those photo shoots.

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