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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Iori Sagara: Who better to end off 2023 with?!?!


 It's not a 'true tradition' but this makes it four out of the last five years that have ended with a Nogi post though this is the first featuring a graduate. Wrote this up yesterday, don't have any other posts for today(yet) so wanted some extra time to work on one and hope I was successful(was!). After this will have at least two more Iori posts coming up in January but trying to space them out. Have noticed that when someone has a huge amount of posts in a year viewers tend to get tired of that person and after about a dozen posts the view counts go way down so won't have more than one every 2-3 weeks.

 That bottom photo above is beyond amazing and would be in my top five for the year, who would have realized five years ago that Iori would turn out to be one of the hottest women around!!!! Really not much more to say about Iori as she's now had ten posts in a little less than four months. Besides all of this gravure modeling she is an actress and has appeared in two stage plays this year with another coming up in February. Iori did finish in the seventh position on this year's faves list and if she continues this pace for a while can easily see her making next year's top five.

 Let's begin off with some oldie pics, in her last post had some Nogi cards for New Year's so for today have some from January 2018. Not sure if after this there will be that many older cards, perhaps for the final 3-4 months of 2017.

 Have noticed Iori has slowed down just a bit this month and why not as she's been the second busiest woman I've posted about over the last four months. This is it for December IG pics but how about those bottom two, whewwww....

 After ten months without one finally did a post a week ago for Hinako who is my all time fave Nogi member. The pair have remained friends over the years and wish Iori's career switch to being a gravure model will rub off on Hinako.... hmmmm, about her hand in the bottom pic....

 Iori was chosen as one of the WPB magazine's top three models for 2023 and also won as award from them for being the 'Comeback Woman' of the year. Here's the link to the site and she does make some interesting comments and why she chose to become a model: WPB site

 Now on to a pair of newish mag spreads, after today still have two more of them along with a digital book. This first set is from the November 28 issue of Flash.

 Iori has been the cover girl for many of her recent spreads, she has that honor here for the November 20th issue of Big Comic Spirits which features outtake pics from a book.

 Big Comic Spirits doesn't release many digital books but they did have one for Iori that came out on November 6th. She looks fabulous in it but just wish it had more than 37 photos. After the pics is a short video from the photo shoot, no need to tell you how alluring Iori looks, WOWOWOW!!!!

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