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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Miyu Murashima: Her new scorching 'Young Jump' digital book plus a tad more....


 This is the first regular post for anyone who made this year's faves list. What's an interesting position is number seven whose post will be done on Friday. I could do five posts for her today(!) but have been holding back everything she's done the past month so she may have a weekly post for at least a month. Not a large post so trying to stretch things out a bit, out of the list of sixteen faves on this year's list five are full time gravure models which is a record for making the list. What's a bit odd is that four of them are 25+ in age and for most of the women think they look better as they've gotten older than they looked when they were around 22. There have been a lot of newcomers to the gravure world this year but have only introduced two of them and I'm getting close to no longer introducing women less than ~24 in age.

 Miyu moved up one spot from 2022 as she was 14th on this year's list. Can see her making the top sixteen just about year but probably not the top ten and the reason for that is she doesn't do enough activities outside of gravure modeling. Then again very few have topped Miyu's photos from the past two years and being a gravure model has made her popular so why not stick with it for a while. She is one of those 'older models' I talked about above as she turned 25 back in August.

 Exactly a year ago is when Miyu's first regular photobook was released, no news about when a second may come out. Besides the new book have two other things and how about some early photos for Christmas, no way her top could fit into your stocking.... πŸ˜…

 Wouldn't doubt if Miyu has been taking a bit of a mini break at the moment. She hasn't updated her IG page for over three weeks and even think the photo shoot for this new magazine spread took place a month or two ago. To promote the new book Miyu is the cover girl for the new issue of Young Jump which is dated for December 14th, she may have had more covers than any other gravure model this year.

 Will end off with the Young Jump digital book that was released on November 30th and has the title of 'Te o Nobaseba' meaning If you reach out. Three months ago Miyu cut her hair and I truly think that was such a wise decision as she does have an attractive face and it wasn't easy to notice with her much longer tresses. This book has 47 dazzling pics and following them is a video of the photo shoot which is a must watch for Miyu's massive fan base!!!!

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