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Saturday, December 23, 2023

Kisumi Amau: Her new mini 'Entame' photobook plus many other treats....


 Ending the year off on a semi high note and hope it carries on into 2024. Then again this year did begin off well as there were just as many posts as usual up until April and then the roof seemed to cave in! What I've noticed is that there's this huge wave of new gravure models and Idols who have been dominating the magazine spreads and to an extent digital books the last four months or so. Some do look good but doubt if I'll start posting about any of them as way too many are in the 20-22 year old range though one has caught my eye so think she could be my first newbie for 2024.

 As most know just wrapped up the yearly faves list and two posts below this also talked about who the most popular women were here for 2023. There was a total of 29 women who qualified for the lists, I would have had Kisumi as about my 19th fave of the year, would have been much higher had she done more activities outside of gravure modeling. You readers have come to like Kisumi quite a bit as her eight posts for 2023 had an average 677 views which ranked her as the 14th most popular woman. She's come a long was in 2 1/2 years for at first Kisumi seemed to have so few fans but now she's become a fave of so many of you.

 The 'Nao Year' began on December 1st and Kisumi has had a strong start to 2024 as she's the first woman to have three posts but doubt if that pace will continue. So have a little of of many things and of course these photos will send you dashing to you cold showers! First up are these newish pics from Kisumi's IG page and to me that first pic is the best of them.

 Hmmmm, are we supposed to unwrap that bottom photo???? In Kisumi's first post for December had many pics for Christmas and found even more to help you celebrate. Would be tough to find a stocking that would fit her upper half(!) and make it a long one as her height is just over 164 cm.

 These days Kisumi is so often the cover girl for the magazines she appears in. She has that honor once again in this new set from the December 26th issue of Flash, the second and third to last pics were from the photo shoot.

 Have one more Kisumi spread which is a mini one from the November issue of Entame, don't think it had anything to do with the new book.

 This Kisumi Entame 'photobook' isn't a true one but was part of a special book the magazine released with many others in it but at 22 photos guess it's a book and does it really matter? Kisumi did just win an award from the WPB magazine for being one of their top models of the year so perhaps that means a new spread or book is coming out soon. Still am shocked at how few videos there are from her photo shoots, there's been no new ones in three months. After the pics have a mini September one from WPB where she was promoting a new digital book.

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